Sunset Hike Release Party.

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I had an opportunity to celebrate the release of the Sunset hike Book at the Soulful Children’s Book Fair.

Soulful Chicago Book Fairs aim to give a voice to creators who are often overlooked in standard venues. They are enhancing the literary marketplace for Black writers and giving lovers of Black literature exposure to a bevy of newly released titles. These fairs are recreating literary excitement and forging forward the new Black Literary Renaissance.

I had an opportunity to network with the great Authors from all over the states. It was well organized and the food was good and entertainment. Thank you to all the folks that stopped by to speak with me and purchased Sunset Hike.

My favorite Quote was, Keep life Simple go Hiking
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dineo dowd

Dineo is a full-time mom and writer who was born in South Africa but now lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and their daughter. For the past 4 years, she has been an ambassador for Hike it Baby, a non-profit organization that connects families with babies and young children to the outdoors and each other. As part of this, Dineo spends much of her time outdoors, once hiking 21 miles in 8 hours and she is keen that her daughter spends as much time outside as is possible.


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