Adventure Day


When Armani woke, one beautiful morning, she was excited because she remembered that she was going hiking with her mom. At the park, they met with some new friends, Finn, Leola, Olive, and their moms. Then the adventure could begin.

Along the trail, the friends enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers that were all around, and at a crystal clear stream, they stopped to throw rocks into the water, delighting at the splashes and the ripples they caused.

But the best surprise was yet to come. Around a bend in the stream and across some stepping stones was a place that all the children loved to visit. And at the side of the breath-taking waterfall, they enjoyed a delicious picnic.

Soon it would be time to go home, but Armani knows that it won’t be long before she has another exciting hiking adventure with her mom and her new friends.

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We absolutely love “Adventure Day”! It was a really fun story and great for children of all ages. It was really wonderful watching my children get excited going through the book identifying themselves and their friends within the story, as well as bringing up memories from that day. Wonderful and fun for everyone!

— Abby Czachur

“Adventure Day” is a really cute book! I love reading this book with my two little boys and it always inspires us to head outdoors to find out own adventures!

 Tara Rondinelle


  1. Join Armani and her friends on a fabulous adventure with a signed copy of Adventure Day.

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