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    Adventure Day

    Today is the day! Armani and her friends are going on a hike. What will they see? What adventures await? With Finn, Leola, Olive and their moms, they will soon all find out.
    The best is just around the bend, but they’ll have to get there first.

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    Spring hike

    With the arrival of spring, the ground is thawing, flowers are blooming and nature is jumping back to life. This is the best time of year to let little hikers have fun running and playing outdoors. This story helps children understand the change of seasons, the excitement of hiking and the importance of what it means to “leave …

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    Sunset Hike

    The best moments are the ones we spend together. Armani knew this when she invited her best friend Kayla to join her on a sunset hike. Together with their friends and family, they explore gorgeous trails and the wonders of the world around them.
    Kayla is not convinced. There are many things she is afraid of. Armani does what good friends …