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    Adventure Day

    When Armani woke, one beautiful morning, she was excited because she remembered that she was going hiking with her mom. At the park, they met with some new friends, Finn, Leola, Olive, and their moms. Then the adventure could begin.

    Along the trail, the friends enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers that were all around, and at a crystal clear stream, they stopped …

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    Sunset Hike (softcover)

    Kayla goes on a sunset hike for the first time to overcome her fears of being outdoors. 

    Sunset Hike features people from different cultures, who share the same passion for the outdoors. After all, hiking has no color and is for everybody to enjoy. 

    Read Sunset Hike and learn what happens along Kayla’s adventure. 

    Sunset Hike will motivate little hikers to get outside and explore nature. Let the …