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Sunset Hike

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What people are saying

It’s so wonderful to have a children’s book to encourage outdoor adventures! We love the whimsy of this book and the message it send to get kids outside and exploring!

— Jamie

The book is fantastic! It motivates kids to explore the outdoors, helps quell fears about nature, and depicts a culturally diverse group of kids so that most children will have a racial mirror in this book. My daughter loves it!

— Liz

About Sunset Hike


The best moments are the ones we spend together. Armani knew this when she invited her best friend Kayla to join her on a sunset hike. Together with their friends and family, they explore gorgeous trails and the wonders of the world around them. Kayla is not convinced. There are many things she is afraid of. Armani does what good friends do and helps her overcome those fears. Sunset Hike is about friendship, facing our fears, and learning to enjoy nature, and bonding on a deeper level.

Adventure Day

Today is the day! Armani and her friends are going on a hike. What will they see? What adventures awaits? With Finn, Leola, Olive and their moms, they will soon all find out.The best is just around the bend, but they’ll have to get there first.

kindle $6.99

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What people are saying

We absolutely love “Adventure Day”! It was a really fun story and great for children of all ages. It was really wonderful watching my children get excited going through the book identifying themselves and their friends within the story, as well as bringing up memories from that day. Wonderful and fun for everyone!

— Abby Czachur

“Adventure Day” is a really cute book! I love reading this book with my two little boys and it always inspires us to head outdoors to find out own adventures!

Tara Rondinelle

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My boys and I have been really enjoying this gem of a book. I change the names to theirs and they get a kick out of it! We love getting outdoors and hiking so this is a great way for them to see others doing it too! 
— Tori Seiter

My 4yr old loves this book (and the authors second one). He loves reading about kids just like him enjoying hiking outdoors. The author really cares about kids learning to love the outdoors.


This author/mom and her daughter are true adventure seekers. They invite children & their families of all colors , genders, and races to hike to show them that everyone can enjoy the outdoors! This book shows children they can enjoy adventures no matter who they are or what they look like. Easy reading and a great way to introduce your child to get outdoors. It’s a good teaching tool for children to look out for each other & have fun when hiking too. First book I’ve seen to be all inclusive of any child!

-Kathie Walsh